Досье VIII: Living Liberty?

Posted: 2017-03-22 in ©SvetkaSamizdat, Да, я понимаю, Досье, Свобода?, Inside & Outside Society, Polina, Sofiya

One day they asked

what I’d do if they let me go,


Why, that’s easy (I proclaimed!),

I’d go to New York City, and sell t-shirts,

because that’s what you do, in the land of the free,

living liberty.

Witty, I’d have an acrostic for Dags,

a funny word I learned while on student exchange in Australia.

Capital letters, spelling out: “Don’t Actually Give a Shit!”.

That makes absolutely no sense, they replied.


Why would they understand?




  1. Nastya says:

    I love your writing, it’s deep & meaningful, it makes me think.

    Liked by 1 person

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