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And suddenly,

I let out an involuntary scream,

as a torrent of freezing water fell from above,

drenching me through.

Blinking, I wiped sodden strands of hair from my eyes

and looked up.

“Happy Epiphany!” the Priest said with a smile, drumming his fingers on an upturned bucket.

“It was the best I could do.”




I slept.

I woke up, heart racing,

body drenched in sweat,

wakeful nightmare,

painful memory,

in a cell with 11 other…



Is this how they see me?

Such filth!?

Hungry-looking, one flashed her teeth,

And came towards me with a shank.

… Sweet Jesus, help me!




The secular state decided to grant me a wish.

Maybe they’d read my mind,

perhaps they were toying with me,

conceivably execution was imminent,

in any case, they sent a Priest to my cell.

The guard told me he was ROC.

…Well, of sorts, you could say…

The Priest talked and handed me a Gideons’ Bible,


the only thing he said that I could understand was:

“Times are tough for the intelligentsia.”

He winked.

The rest of the time he spoke in what I think was either Latin or Romanian.

He held my hand,

a warmth passed through.

He nodded and left.

I caressed the book.




I thought it was a Baptism,


Turns out it was a movie,

for others’ entertainment,

I’m left broken.




Like most men, he didn’t much care about the wider world,

just so long as he got to see


Closed city.

Closed society.

Menial labor.

All OK,

So long as open pussy.




Increasingly desperate,

I flail my arms,

I push buttons.

My intentions genuine,

ardent, needy.

The results,


out of my hands.

Alas, despair…

People, systems,

no one cares!




Sometime during the TV commercials,

somewhere in between ads for life insurance, sports betting and pantyliners,

she decided to slit her wrists.

Driven to madness.

Society story.

The end.




Do unto others,

as you would like them to

…disappear from face of Earth.




Do unto others,

as they would like you to

…disappear off face of Earth.




We met in the sauna.

Another time, on a river boat,

she introduced me to her young daughter.

I’d noted the scar.

Love hurts.