Досье LXXXVII: Perfidy In My Feet, Perfidy In My Face.

Posted: 2017-06-18 in ©SvetkaSamizdat, Да, я понимаю, Страдание, Я не понимаю..., Fucked-Up Families, Pain, Pamyat, Perfidy, Polina, Sofiya, Thoughts For The Day

Oozing with a sense of injustice,

every painful step, my feet feel bruised, pummelled, they throb.

Every glimpse out the window, a stab in the heart,

a reminder,

a betrayal.

Inconsiderate, self-absorbed, hateful humanity.

Perfidy takes many forms,

my friend,

strangers and fucked-up families.

The unending end.




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