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Moscow, New York, is no more,

if it ever was,


But always,

one way or another,

it shall remain,

indelibly Russian.

You just need to know


to go.

And peace…

Be quiet,


touch the object,

like a lion’s foot,


and reflect.

Like: “What comes next?

…Once upon a time…”



Last night I dreamt of family…

It was OK,

pleasant, the way it should be

(… bearing no resemblance to reality).




Radio Free Moscow, you say.

A much needed antidote to Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty?

Or just more of the same,


another name?

Moscow, Idaho, you clarify.



Don’t they have missiles pointed at us?

Or, is that Moscow, Iowa?

Maybe, Moscow, Pennsylvania?




That’s the sound of freedom, right there, said the preacher,

full of hubris and pride, pointing skyward at the fighter jet,

breaking the sound barrier, making the air shudder,

shattering the peace.

Indeed, that’s the sound of military-imposed “freedom”, I reply,

from a godless system, on high.

Happy Birthday,

to me, you and





It’s World Fair Trade Week,

whatever that means.

“Like, fair trade prostitution?” I ask.

… Unexploited, with no pimps.

An honest and fair exchange.

Is it possible?

… In this age where sex is no longer sacred,

well, maybe.

But, then, *everything* is a commodity,

and *everyone* wants the best deal.

… And money is tighter than your ass.


Likely, no.




Slough of despondency,

my sensitive soul mourns:

liberal society,

apex depravity.




In the land of liberty,

of course you are free,

to live in poverty,

… moral bankruptcy.




In the name of “fighting” Communism,

your democratic government (“of and for the people”)

empowered criminals and drug-pushing scum,

enabled the destruction of millions of lives, hopes and dreams,

perpetuated evil, indeed.

Past, present, future.

We’re *Gone*.

Statue of Liberty, stands proud,

looks passively away,

heart of stone.





In my piss

I smell asparagus.

It speaks of a certain kind of wellbeing.

… Elemental bliss.




I used to have something

but now I am spent,




asunder rent.