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mon ami,

be careful what you wish for,

it might be a cliché,

like yesterday,

and heartbeats…

(perhaps you only have so many)

…minutes at the beach.




One day they gave me a cellmate (Shit!),

a real piece of filth,

a man, to boot…

(Have we sunk to such levels of equality?)

Silence and tension

gave way to boredom and reflection…

I asked the guy what he’d done


and why.

His reply,

heartfelt diatribe:

“All these TV adverts, for tampons, pantyliners, pads, vaginal dryness relief, and shit, maybe you cunts think they’re empowering, but they’re not, they just make men view you with more contempt…”

His voice trailed off a little as he pulled down his pants.

Contempt, indeed,

I smiled thinly.




Fuck posterity,

it didn’t exist yesterday.

History is tomorrow.




They have the girl posing with beer,

it accentuates her appeal,

for the target,

what they’d like to feel. …

Of course, it’s baloney,



Look at the bottle,


it’s full,

and you are fools,

for believing

Estonian lies and hybrid warfare.





so tired.

The bright lights and late nights

have depleted my soul.

Yet, I continue to run,

compelled to escape,

exploitation and rape,

insurance selling con-artists,

corrupt cops and nasty nurses,

lies and

horse flies,

desperately seeking my fresh meat.





Understated and misunderstood,

anonymous, in a sense, hated…

I outlast my critics,

family, neighbors, foes,

global apparitions,

as one by one they disappear…


increasingly I am free,

to pursue destiny.

By the Grace and Favor of God Almighty,

I celebrate:

the best is yet to come!





but what isn’t, in this life,

this fallen physical realm?

You read and you listen,

you try to pay attention,

but there are so many other demands,

at best you’re confused,

and you barely scratch the surface,

but there,

right there,

in the far corner of your consciousness,

there’s an iota of enlightenment,

a light flickering, a tiny flame,

fanned by a gentle word remembered.

In or out of context,

words matter…


amongst the clutter.




You and I, we do our best,

we try

to do the right thing.

But everyone

and everything is against us,

(ourselves included).

… Hope springs eternal

For the deluded.

Indeed, history today…

I want to be still

and close my eyes,

meditate on another reality,

eschew fealty.

… Unfinished business…




There you go,

like an annoying Black Bear,

perhaps without malice or care,

instinctively acting,



as I see it, for no good reason,

committing treason,

in the peaceful forest…

Digging up nuclear waste.




Despite our proximity,

we inhabit different realities.

My neighbors and I…

same building,

same street,

different planet.