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And so you make do with whatever peaceful moment you can grab.


No matter how banal.



Just wait!

It’s a hell of a way to live:

Waiting for the next catastrophe,

knowing it’s gotta be near.

Knowing your mediocre “idyll” won’t last.

Knowing a complication is coming,

fear, fear, fear!

Half-Life lessons.




They consulted their paperwork,

the list,

so as to speak.


They came for me,

because I was

one of us,


it was enough.




Another day,

another pain.

Another week,

another bleak


visceral pain,

as you watch your life gurgle away

down a clogged

bathroom drain.

Blood and hair,

existential despair.




What to do when home no longer exists?

Time and place gone

away so distant,

you wonder if it ever really was



in reality,

or just another fallacy

in this chamber of crazy mirrors

we call the life and times

of modern wo/man.




The system is broken,

the system is “fixed”,

morals perverted,

feelings mixed …

… somehow,

if we’re lucky,

we survive.




The Nuclear Scientists

are Nihilists.

… Compromised,

corralled by governments and strategists,

they wanna blow off some steam.

… Everyone has their limits.




She left me with attractive words,

the promise of peace and beautiful life…

Little did I know they would be her last words (to me),

and I would fall from orbit, so tumultuously.

My mother, my sister, my me,

bonne nuit…





Post-book libraries.

Post-truth societies…

Fragmented relationships with ourselves and others,

hollow, virtual realities.




The word on the street?

Crude and banal propaganda.




Last night’s sex,

tomorrow’s ex.

… Betrayal of sacred act,



… Intimate enemy.