Досье CLXXVIII: A short treatise on the lessons of history (aka: the realization that progress as a pursuit is futility)…

Posted: 2017-09-17 in ©SvetkaSamizdat, Blick!, Ваш голод, наш голод, Да, я понимаю, Меланхолия, Наш, Pamyat, Sick Sad Society, SNAFU, Sofiya

People do what they think they’re meant to,

survival and betterment,

exploitation is key.

Some lie, many die,

slavery and bondage,

peace merges into war.

Restricted and conscripted

people fight,

convinced in the rightness of ideas,

progress will later condemn as wrong.

Children mourn: they see the stupidity with foresight,

would that they could deviate

but resistance is futile,

coercion rules …

Children are tomorrow’s slaves,

if they are fortunate, Janissaries.





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