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So, you switch on the TV

and watch the news, in French.

You understand some French,

the rest you give the benefit of the doubt,

the moving pictures help,

and you enjoy the in-depth, interesting,

intelligent coverage.

The TV channel changes.

Beyond your control…

More news, different language,

big let down.

Alas, English, you fully understand,

and you are depressed by the banality

of the reportage,

the idiocy of the story.



Governmental, societal stooges

wanna drag you into the shit.

Will you let them get away with it?




Yesterday’s sans-culottes,

today’s slut,

tomorrow’s dead.

The “progressives” perceived reality,

embracing that formerly renounced,

through history they flounce.

Verily, there is nothing new under the Sun.

Progress is revolution,

in the truest sense of the word.

In the end, back to the beginning…




So late,

so early,

eternal circle,

time imposed upon,


rhythm unknown.

(We grope in darkness…)




People do what they think they’re meant to,

survival and betterment,

exploitation is key.

Some lie, many die,

slavery and bondage,

peace merges into war.

Restricted and conscripted

people fight,

convinced in the rightness of ideas,

progress will later condemn as wrong.

Children mourn: they see the stupidity with foresight,

would that they could deviate

but resistance is futile,

coercion rules …

Children are tomorrow’s slaves,

if they are fortunate, Janissaries.




Government Committee,

tragic comedy…

Farce, pretence and larceny…

Time and lives wasted,

sucked dry.




S/he talks a little,

detached, perfunctory,

I reply sufficiently

(no more).

I have no desire for a thaw,

I still hurt,

my wounds are open,

bleeding, …






You struggle to speak,





Падут подле тебя тысяча и десять тысяч одесную тебя; но к тебе не приблизится: только смотреть будешь очами твоими и видеть возмездие нечестивым.

(Псалтирь 91, 7-8)

I’m fairly sure, manda,

that you don’t remember the anniversary,

that haunts my soul

and fucks my essence,

in which you are central.

Nonetheless, I’m fairly certain,

that you are rotting in hell,

one way or another.

Lest we forget:

… mother against mother.




TV preacher,

ardent as ever,

talks of the end times prophesies

being realized

(you see it more and more everyday,

the Book of Revelations actualized,

these truly are the last days…).

So, act now, the announcer says,

buy the book,

Revelations & End Times Explained,

for a limited time only…

“Now available in special leather binding,

legacy edition,

a great gift and family heirloom,

to pass on to your grandchildren…”






And all the forgiveness you can muster

will not change what has been,

the evil committed,

the pain you feel every single day.

What is gone

and what is left.

The more you dig,

the bigger the hole.

Betrayed by family,

diminished humanity.