A New Beginning (?): XXII (Vienna Calling: X)

Posted: 2017-12-09 in All Over The Place, ©SvetkaSamizdat, Понимание, Life (Pending), Vienna Calling


I found an empty seat and sat down…

To sleep,

perchance to dream.

Alas, no,

too much noise and commotion.

I groaned audibly and fidgeted.

The man next to me took my discomfort

as an invitation to introduce himself

and talk.

And talk.

And talk…

About himself,

his children,

his grandchildren.

The whole sordid lot.

Apparently never to shut up,


He didn’t seem to require any reply

or encouragement from me,

he just kept talking,

droning on interminably.



Yes, shit!

I needed to shit.

I said exactly so

and excused myself bluntly.

He gaped after me,

silenced at last.




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