A New Beginning: LXXXIV: Power Façade, Empty Soul (The Illusion Of Management 101) (aka Come The Revolution: Your Head On A Pole)

Posted: 2018-02-10 in A New Beginning, All Over The Place, ©SvetkaSamizdat, Понимание, Life (Pending)

So, you’ve achieved the wet dream your parents instilled in you,

well done, big man,

you’re a manager now.

A controller, manipulator, facilitator,

a façade of power.

Above all, you’re a despicable exploiter.

Still, you’re a manager,

you have an expensive car

and your parents are proud.

It doesn’t matter what you manage,

that’s an inconsequential detail,

you have no real interests or passions,

just power and prestige.

You have your own office,

you can shut the door,

you have a desk,

behind which

you can masturbate

until the cows come home.

Big man.



True trash.

Managerial class,

head up ass.

Gets paid a fortune and

leaves the world a worse place.




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