I Expose Myself (aka Je Ne Regrette Rien)

Posted: 2018-05-20 in ©SvetkaSamizdat, Blick!, Вид, Понимание, FKK, Thoughts For The Day, Thoughts For The Night, Woman-child

Heat of the moment,

heat of the day,

I pulled my top up,

I held it up.

Side of the highway

I cheered loudly,

as the cyclists went by,

making a spectacle of myself.

I don’t know why

but, wow, it felt right!

Only later,

after seeing some pictures

and reading some nonsense

did I think about it

in a rational sense.

It seems I have become a minor celebrity,

albeit anonymous and almost faceless

(the pictures focus on my chest).

Today’s pseudo-sensation,

tomorrow’s forgotten,

lost assignation.

And so,

I thought,

simpering to myself,


what my subconscious motivations were

to show everyone watching

my breasts

(and, yes, I knew there was a TV camera there).

Was it a childish attempt to seduce,

or to cheer

(after all, what man doesn’t like looking at breasts?),

or was I proving my womanhood,

indulging a maternal instinct

(“Hey, guys, come suckle,

land of milk and honey!”).

Perhaps it was an act of rebellion

(“Not fuck me,

more fuck you!),

a fun one, I would add.

Maybe I was doing what society expects,

a crazy woman-child, immature,

gone wild.

Conceivably, I’m an exhibitionist.

Could be, I’m a mere pawn.

Feasibly, I wanted to fluster.

Definitely, I wanted to make guys smile

(to an extent hard).

I don’t know

but it felt thrilling


je ne regrette rien.




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