“The Russian’s Did It!” (aka The US Government Has New Information Which Directly Connects Russian Leadership To Actions Which Undermined Our Corrupt Democracy. But The Information Is Classified, So We Can’t Tell You The Details, Just Believe Us, Take Us On Our Word…)

Posted: 2018-06-15 in ©SvetkaSamizdat, Blick!, Demokratiya, Блядь!, Вид, Время!, Понимание, Perfidy, Sick Sad Society, Sick Sad System, Thoughts For The Day, Thoughts For The Night, Zapad (запад)

Visit the newsroom,

if you dare.

For some it’s a vibrant place,

information, process, disseminate, fast-pace.

For me it’s depressing,

an overload of noise and soundbites,

mostly meaningless shit.

The editors push,

the journalists (they don’t have time or freewill to properly think)

churn out crap,

factoids and innuendos,

the readers are ready to be fed.

Welcome to the Times, New York, London,

the Sun rises and falls, Daily News, Daily Mail,

hearts fail.

Welcome to democracy’s bulwark.

Welcome to lies and fear.




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