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Broken 3


Tired of life,

tired of strife,

self-centered people,

havoc, greed.

… Imbalance,


despair …

Need relief,





best hope





“Are you OK?”

I’m still half-asleep, tired, confused, somewhat dazed,

strange and negative thoughts filling my head.

I’ll be OK once I wake fully.

Or, actually,

enormity and shit of reality (in full focus),

I’ll be worse.




“There now, isn’t that better?

We have the TV to distract us.

So much better than listening

to the sound of our own heartbeats

and contemplating the futility

of society and existence…”




Too confused to think straight,

too many reasons to avoid logic

and reason,


constant, personal treason.

Yes, *they* want us this way,

softened and deluded,

problem is, we seem to want this too,

apparently we choose

constant noise,

cacophony, confusion,

TV adverts and news,

filling the empty hollows

of our souls.




Your life, your circumstance,

it could be worse.

You could be a Walrus,





When I think ill of Chinese avarice,

mercantilist spirit,

capitalist tendency,

the will to gain…

I try to remember the One Child Policy,

and, wow,

humbled I remain.




In an ideal world…

Selfish, overly human religions will die,

buried like Pharaohs with all their wealth,

cats and servants.

Those beliefs and convictions which aspire

beyond the self-centered,


will live and endure.

(We can hope!)

And the world we be a better place.




Confronted with an unexpected, inane, remark,

I reply equally stupidly.

Such is dialog,

communication today.




Yesterday, I had something to look forward to.

It was a pleasant feeling,

happy expectation,



it was a delusion.


Yesterday, I thought I had something to look forward to.

Today, I know reality.

My heart aches.

My soul breaks.




Letters in Vortex


I read the letter, received.

To me it feels both hollow & surreal,

meaningless & meaningful.

It stirs up old emotions & new,

drains me

and fills me with dread.