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Calendar, Page Turning


How dare you hijack this date,

this number, this connection

and memory of mine.

How dare you impose your filthy,

corrupt blasphemy

on me.

Everyday History.




Anarchist Black Cat


You give your all

for a just cause, or ten,

until you are spent.

Kicked in the guts one too many times.

Tarnished, like everything becomes.

… “Too fucked up to care anymore!”

(If only that were true:

problem is, you *do* care,

and it hurts like hell…)




Giovanni Rapiti


Hurting people hurt…

Wishing you were drowned at birth!

Swan song homily.




I need to sleep…

But my mind is racing,

full of injustices

swirling, contorting,

ugly perfidy,

enemies looming, sneering,

and I’m angry,

I want to fight.

Tormented and demented

in the middle of the night.


betrayed, it seems,

every step of the way.

Feeling so hard done by.

Beauty for ashes?

Where’s mine?




TV_ No Signal


“Daddy don’t watch that kind of TV no more.”




Free love,

free hate,

free life,

free death,

free misery, nothingness and joy.

Freedom imposes,

freedom gives and takes.

Freedom bites.




Rich Mormons, Catholics and WASPs,


dream about Jews without money.

Nevertheless, in morality crusade,

self-righteous tirade,

they ban the book.




The woman visits her dying father,

he’s on the edge of eternity,

some would kindly say.

She smiles,

thinking about “eternity”,


everything and/or nothing.

Tonight, she bids farewell to his soul,

tomorrow, Boyaryshnik will water the soil.




Wake up, all hope gone.

Everyday apocalypse.

Live only to die.




He’d drunk enough to be honest, open.

“You’re not like other women,” he said,

“You know, they go on and on and on, non-stop talking, idiotic things. I wanna scream SHUT THE FUCK UP. Women like that, hah, they’re the main reason men like blowjobs. You know, with a mouthful of cock, finally she’s quiet!”

He laughed at his joke and swallowed another drink.

I raised my eyebrows and remained silent, smiling condescendingly.

Men and women aren’t so different after all.