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Pennsylvania, 1982

I’m happy for you,

really, I am,

your wholesome existential glee.

But please now, be quiet, stay away,

pray think of me,

for whom

your exuberance is draining.




TV_ Lost Signal

Denigrated & bombarded,

compromised & demented,

fucked over, time and again,

drowned in your vomit,

I’ve had it!

Enough’s enough…

Reckoning day.




Black Square, Grunge Frame 2


Sometimes when you’re in the abyss,

dark room, windowless,

you don’t want light,

and you don’t want to fight,

you’ve nothing left to give,

everything is pain.




Hong Kong Jockey Club_ Happy Valley



that depends on your definition of pornography.”

… Do you care about me?




Crumbling edifice

washed away,

piece by piece,

falling rain.

Shit! We’re all fake.




Siegen Synagog


“We’re all Europeans, right?”

“Of course, you can speak freely!”

“You *must* come to the commemoration today!”

“Rejoice in liberty!”

European city, summer,

beautiful buildings and landscapes,

pretty faces,

hard hearts,

money rules,

hate pervades.

“European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism”,

celebrate Black Ribbon Day, they say,

assuage some Axis guilt.

No, I reply, you can’t possibly equate the two.

They call me Russian, Communist scum.

… Go home, where heart is one.




Birgit Meineke, Daniela Übel


Hope evaporates

like yesterday’s tears of joy

besmirched by those who do not want to understand.

A trace of salt is all that remains.







Samantha Smith said

“They’re just like us.”

And we’re just like them.


I was hoping for something better.




Green Ukraine


Green Ukraine,

there’s a story there,

but it’s probably not what you think.

Recycling, so as to speak,


history, people, land,

all apparently cheap.

Dreams of freedom,

distant east,

realities of time and place,

mosquitoes, blood,

expensive ideas.

Alas, Green Ukraine.





Used Car Salesman (


I had escaped.

But by banality and “expediency”,

You pulled me back into captivity.

Responsibility and

fucked-up legality.

Shit car ownership.