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I don’t covet your life.

No, I loathe & despise

your hubris and shit.

I don’t want what you’ve got,

no, I want you to “get yours”,

ipso facto:

nothing and woe.




Àìåðèêàíñêèé äèðèæåð Ë.Ìààçåëü â ÑÑÑÐ


Pensive and introspective,

not a Beluga,

but I too like music classical.




Walking Away_ Wm c Suitcase


The tasks are small, seemingly,


But collectively they acquire enormity,

becoming an impossibility.

And as they pile up,

we resign ourselves to the futility,

and, understandably, give up.




Torpedoangriff mit Heinkel He111


In hopelessness’ bitter embrace

you cling to

the last raft out of


Perhaps you will return one day,

more likely you will sink,

your name forgotten.

Black, and gone.

This is life, 1942,

for this, you were born?




Вихрь, Dusty (Arizona, 2005)


Yesterday miraculous.

Today, human,

all too human,

I mourn the loss.







Kazantip 2013


I *found* my virginity

at Kazantip…

Maybe it was sanity,

the noise ringing in my head.


and tomorrow’s migraine.




1933.05.18 Heidelberg Univ Book Burning Glee


You may, or may not, have lost your virginity

at Bodensee …

It might have been your head.




Iphigenia, Sacrifice of_ François Perrier


TV Preacher talks of her childhood,

molested and raped by her father.


She made it through, thank God,

and, though bitter for years,

got to the point where she could forgive,

move on, and talk about it.

And talk, and talk,

preaching the power of forgiveness.

Ultimately then I realize,

whether deliberate or not,

she *has* revenge.

The people, the faithful, the casual,

watchers and listeners around the world

all rightly sympathize.

And millions now know her father was scum

(like the cop he offered her to).

Evil seed in everyone?




You call me a failure

as I wait passively,


waiting for the “go-getters”

to implode.

The preponderant



nature of society

is a crock

destined to fail.




Perfidy, Betrayal. Knife & Flowers Behind Back


Memories that stick,

like fish bones in throat.

Nothing chokes like family.