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“Do or die!” inner voice cries,

establishment imbued.

Soul decides, if it’s really down to two,

resignedly, alas,

let’s go with latter.




You wake up,

so as to speak,

and gradually the pain and shit of your existence

seeps back into your consciousness.

Disappointments and mistakes loom large,

yours and others.

From this life there is no escape.

Today, yet again,

more compromise and treason.





Fellow traveler

got lost somewhere along the way.





More than anything,

I “just” wanted the world

to be

a better place.




USAF (over Syria_)

“That girl,

I followed her.

She led me into a dark place.”




TV_ Lost Signal

Turns out,


the fools aren’t useful

at all.




The Resounding Voice of The People

has spoken,

loudly, according to media reports.

“Democracy in action

in the Land of the Free!”

A solid 51% of citizens agree.

… Today was a good day for democracy

(We like it when things go our way) … 




1906 Riga_ (Rus)

I’d say, we’re all crazy.



I’m the sanest crazy person I know.




Maybe this place I’m in –

this state, this pain –

was inevitable.

Maybe I was helped along the way …




Beagle Dreaming

From the outside:

A sleeping dog twitching.

On the inside:

Dreams of nuclear fusion.




In between the lines,

there is angst and despair,

unmet expectations,


and simmering Cold Wars.