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Remembrance Day, they say, piously,

thankful, pretentiously,

that all is quiet on the Western Front.

The soldier reflects and sighs,

remembering history,

and what followed victory

in the “War To End All Wars”…

Some things are better forgotten.





Time flies,

everyday people die.

Time and people pass away,

forgotten every day.




Corvette, US Flag 2

Living vicariously (as most of us do),

they wave flags for cars, clubs and cliques

which they could never actually own, join,

or truly be embraced by,


for the moment,

they feel connected,

like, family.

Living vicariously.




Infinite reasons to feel bad about yourself,

infinite people to tell you so.

“Inadequate piece of shit!”

One way or another, we’re all low.

Mass media, ideas infect, lies spread,

seeds sown, honor gone,

sensitive soul





USA Flag Bikini 2

I’m not envious of your success,

your riches are an irrelevance,

your existence meaningless.

I hate you

and your ease of being,


I don’t want your things.





in a perverted kind of dynamo.

What hope to escape

this self-perpetuating





I Want To Believe 2

There is hope,

I hope,

but do I truly believe?

Misery, after all,

pervades my reality.




Under siege from every angle,

*they* demand constant fight.

I revolt

by giving up,

moving to another realm…




My life and death philosophy:

What’s the point in trying

if tomorrow we’re dying?




Time flies

and we die.

Buried treasure,

maggots eat,

become flies.