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dedal i ikar (landon, 1799)

Despite what the TV Preachers imply,

I don’t know if I can make my miracle fly.

Sow a seed, if you please:

such harvest you will reap.








She accused me of giving up.

If I could think clearly, here and now,

detaching myself from the pain,

I’d like to remind her:

There’s a difference between giving up

and having no more to give.


life perverted

I have been bled dry.









Anarchist Black Cat

If you see advertizing,

please ignore:

it is not my doing.

It is a reflection of society,

an imposition,

an expression of greed

and exploitation.

It is an evil plot to distract you from

the potentiality of enlightenment.


s’il vous plait,

Да, да, Да!

und bitte schön…

tune in and zone out.





Palestinians set tyres ablaze during clashes with Israeli police in Shuafat

Holy City,

sullied by humanity,


avarice and greed.

In the din of

murderous tumult and turmoil,

they tell me I am home.


in Jerusalem’s sunrise,

Birobidzhan is bliss.





Most days, I try,

I do what I can to get by,

to survive.

There’s an emptiness.

You’re probably the same:

Not where we thought we would be

when we were seventeen.




TV_ Lost Signal

I’m closer than you think.


together let’s sink.




To the extent that I get out of bed in the morning,

you could say that my misery is self-imposed.




Memories stuck in mind,

words stuck in throat,

on this life I choke.

I try to explain

the pain,

but no one wants to hear





suka, dubai

I saw her on TV.

I should feel a connection

but, alas, it’s more pain.

Marginalized I remain.

She is from my country,

my city indeed,

but, in reality,

she is from another world.




winston churchill, perpetual cigar

Fat capitalist,

sucking his trademark cigar…

Sculpted piece of shit.