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Relotius_ Jaegers Grenzer

Regardless of what your American relatives tell you,

everything, indeed, is relative:

truth, justice and the American way,

is truth, lies and compromise.

The answer to the question depends upon time, place

and who is doing the asking.

Objectivity is admirable but, alas, illusive,

and screw liberal “New York Times” hubris.

Everything is

what the powers that be

want it to be.








Nazi Maedchen Suki

The megalomaniac is a democrat,

he/she/it wants to fuck as many lives

as will choose to be seduced.









“Baby doll,” he said to me,


“everything’s fucked up and then you die.”

He swallowed, then sighed:

“And don’t go thinking you can rely on me.”








Suzie Washington 2

I used to be “me”,

I used to be *somebody*,

she tries to taunt me.

But now I am free.

I walk away.

Je m’en fous!








Century 21, Rossiya

Swapping one set of problems for another,


I don’t consider to be success.

To quote the insightful words of Megadeth (1986):

“If there’s a new way, I’ll be the first in line… But it better work this time!”

(Which is to say: No way, no day!)








Lewis Hamilton, Mudak

It’s the selfish,


greedy, manipulative,



driven to humiliate,

(apparently instinctive),

nature of humanity

and society

that makes me believe

there is no hope.

I want and need

to escape!









1919 NYT Red Scare, Anarchist Bombings

Headline catches your eye,

you pursue,

you take time to read and think,


it’s interesting,

you want to learn,

you want to know.

Alas, you are wasting your time,

it’s innuendo,


sandwiched between a few bare-bone possible facts.

You get to the end of the article and you’re more confused than ever.

Journalism 2019,



yesterday and today,

someone always pays.









Today, I realized that my clock is running slow.

Which is to say, my clock has been progressively slowing over time.

Losing seconds, minutes, “life”.

In effect, my clock has been regressing, whilst progressing.

Indeed, ipso facto, as such,

I am reminded, on so many levels, how

the supposedly “progressive” in actuality,

for the balance of humanity,

is regressive.









For what do we fight,

and/or sacrifice our lives?

Ethereal dictate.









Ronald Reagan,

a great man,

a great American.

Ronald Reagan,

poetry in motion.

Alas, dear reader,

history and satire,

maybe don’t repeat,

but surely do rhyme…

like futility and perfidy,

pain and drain,

dreams blown away.