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Night Sky, Stars

Late, so late, yes,

but I enjoy the peace, the freedom,

being alone, in dark surrounds.

Tomorrow can wait.








Hole (Sky View)

Life in society,

a series of holes

that widen,

waiting for you to fall through.

Like socks.

Someone will always take your place.








Hamster Wheel 1

Opportunities lost,

opportunities found,


and trashed…

past, present, future…

human progress

and hamster wheels.









It’s only a small window,

they tell you,

and it’s closing.

You walk away,

come back tomorrow,

you see the window is closed, yes,

but also smashed,

shards of broken glass.








Anke Wischnewski

Sometimes, pained and drained,

you get tired of fighting

and/or overcoming…

you just wanna let it be,

take the path of least resistance,

lie back,


It’s the most natural thing in this world!









Waiting in line to be frisked, told to take my shoes off, or more.

I wait and watch.

I shake my head at the extravagance, expense and tediousness of the security measures.

Wow, welcome to the “Land of the Free”!

How did it get to be this way?

Oh, terrorism, they say.

(Boston strong and secure… or something similar…)

Yes, terrorism, I reflect, and the pieces come together

as I realize that all of this suits the state’s agenda:

power and control,

over you and me, everyday people, our souls…

they don’t care about our safety (they’d send us to war & death in a flash!)…

They only care about power and control.

And the terrorism thing is the perfect cover for them to exert over-the-top measures, to monitor and control

you, me, us.

And we let them.

Fear and bullshit rules.

I take off my shoes and do as I’m told.

(To such a state of excellence we have evolved!)









In vino veritas,

in wealth decadence.

New York City,


goodbye peaceful drink.









Your potential is great…

But everything conspires to suffocate:

time, people, place,

all manipulate and violate.

(fuck them and the devil!)









Lev Davidovich rides the New York City Subway one day, lost in time and space, contemplating life and place. He is sitting between two young women. They talk incessantly, about themselves. They introduce each other, both Patricia, one Hearst, one Reagan. On and on. … Lev Davidovich would like some peace.

Captains of Capitalism,

their daughters’

attributes displayed,

corrupt system,

celebrity, money, power,

fascination, manipulation.

They screw our hearts and minds.

… Soul sold

to nearest hole.

Demented people crammed in Subway car.









The Big Apple is rotten,

as is the rest of the fruit salad.

Regardless, the tired and hungry masses clamor

to be accepted into its embrace,

its new and interesting ways of exploitation.

“Why?” I ask my dead relative.

Her reply: “The myth of apple pie.”