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Shit hits fan,

fan hits shit,

stars align,

sometimes benign,

often malign:

people, people, people,

self-centered motherfuckers!

… And someone is holding your head under water!


clock stops,

hole in sock,

and you are under,

lake freezing over.








Deutschland 86

Sadly, I’ve seen enough Western TV

to realize

that it’s main purpose is to

provide airspace for advertizing.

That it deludes and manipulates the people,

with deceitful messages that stupefy and putrefy,

is probably an added bonus,

but mainly, that hit new series

is a vehicle for selling shit,

things we don’t truly need,


This is capitalism

and it sucks.








Rus (Berezka-land)

In this time and place,

in the mist of morning tiredness,

as you dread the day ahead,

if you want to be honest,


as you drink your orange juice

and/or Earl Grey tea,

you don’t give a shit about some rainforest frog.

Life is…

dog eat dog.

(and fuck the façade

human misery trumps all!)










Not in the truest sense, probably.

A swindle, more likely.

But I was tired, drained

and bored by the board.

I agreed, shook hands, and walked away.

Metaphor, honor, and sanity intact

for at least one more day.








Peter Popoff

Fuck you, TV Preacher!

Of course this thing isn’t God’s “best”.

None of us in temporal manifestation is perfect:

you, me, or the chimpanzee.

So, screw your guilt trip!








Arktika (1980)

You break the ice

only to find there is nothing beneath.

You had imagined there would be depth to his soul, intrigue.

But there is nothing, not even water beneath the ice, just a yawning, gaping void.

Disappointed, you resolve to not ask any more questions.







Hitler, Nazis, Mercedes v3

Yesterday and today,

all the wannabes

want Mercedes.








Family Watches TV (Classic, Canada, Boxing)

Something to say?

Of course!

But who’s listening, reading, caring or,

most importantly,


about the words.

Your heart and soul poured out

as you to try to explain,

only to be drowned out

by TV noise.





I walk in and around the bookstore…

So many books.

So many beautiful, banal, informative, weird and wonderful ideas committed to print.

But there’s a certain decadence in the printed form, unnecessary bulk, ostentatiousness, eye-catching covers, books full of pages but no real substance.

Decadence too in the exclusion of others (people, places, ideas, possibilities) …

Who decides?

Who decides what is “right”,

what is fit for publication?

Who’s ideas survive?

Who’s ideas die?

So many books,

shelves and minds overloaded.

So many books,

and yet so many are missing.








St Nikolai ROC, Eklutna, Alaska

Life after death?

One can hope!

Considering life after birth sucks so much

(people and society),

relief would be nice,

in a kinder, gentler reality.

Indeed, nice.

Am I repeating myself?

Yes, one can hope.