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Humanist Funeral

So, you believe in something:

something undefined

beyond the mundane,

as you say.   …

So, you believe in something,

you just don’t know what.   …

Wow. How superficially deep,












Is this some kind of realization,

a real-life manifestation

of a dream come true?

If so,

I want to go back to sleep.










when you realize you’re all alone in this world.


despite your best endeavours

to make connections.


when you need someone to help,

but no reply, no hand to caress.

All that remains is an

empty hole,

a laxative for the soul.








9.16 Malevich_ Black Square, 1913

So, you pray.

In all good & honest, believing


you pray.

And still, yet more decay,

another set of problems, every day


So, you turn to people,

neighbors, friends,

you ask for help,

and silence.

People are busy with their own issues,

apparently, and dead to your needs.

Alas, you are all alone in this world,

stinging sensation,

on realization,

nauseous emptiness.

So, you pray again,

some kind of hope in your heart,

a glimmer of warmth,

you try to find,

it’s either that or suicide.








A ferris wheel and a carousel are abando


Evidence, they say, of young lunar volcanism

and concentrations of radioactive elements.

Sometimes it’s nice to speculate…

Though Spring-time relative warmth

makes some people crazy…


still of night,

peacefully we were looking at the sky,


Our friend.


Nigh is end.








Pacific (Tikhiy)

Allison Guyot?

A beautiful sounding name,

Pacific Ocean bliss,

I want to go,










Rebecca, Big Brother De

In modern liberal democracy

(as much as in oligarchy),

they who control the levers

of the mass media,

control the people.

Hearts, urges, ideas.









There is no is,

only was.

Can we ever really grasp the immediate,

the fleeting present?

No, the brain doesn’t work that fast.

We need to process.

All is past.








Wonder Wm chloroformed & kidnapped

They called it a breakdown.

I call it an epiphany,

a realization of futility.

My eyes are wide open.

How I wish I could sleep again!








Foto Album 1

My life, my memories, my agonies.

All things past, today seem farce.


yesterday’s gladness,

now sadness.

Pain and betrayal cast a shadow over all…

I regret every wasted effort,

every unprotected breath.