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Viewing Malevich's Black Square

I’m tired, so fundamentally tired,

disgusted by life in the Fallen World.

Complicated and violated,

exploited constantly,

meaning and purpose get lost.

In darkness,

I fall down.


(To be continued…)








Man Laughs

It’s not funny, yet the idiot laughs;

he knows it’s expected, he complies with a reflex.

From a distance, added context,

his laugh is all the more ridiculous,

jarring hollow in my ears,



(To be continued…)








Smolny, 1889

Yesterday, they sent me to an Institute For Noble Maidens.

Today, they send me to prison.

Tomorrow, to the lunatic asylum.


(To be continued…)










Tonight, I can hope.

Forestall tomorrow’s knowing,

sad reality.


(To be continued…)









Night Sky, Stars

As I look at the sky, and breathe, I realize

tomorrow’s tiredness is worth tonight’s peace.


(To be continued…)









Same people dining,

as usual people serve them,

fulfill assigned roles.


(To be continued…)








Ustala, Kafe

Tired, lost interest…

That thing which mattered so much,

become as if dust.


(To be continued…)









Greed, money, power,

Trumps morality, descent,

lies and betrayal.


(To be continued…)








USA Overload


Freedom to vote for anyone (that’s on the list).

Freedom to loathe the 51% who self-importantly call themselves “the majority”.

Freedom to detest the “democratic impetus” imposed upon you – laws made against your wishes and interests.

Freedom to contrast prosperity with despair.

Freedom to believe lies.

Freedom to breathe poison.

Freedom to be compromised, your life complicated beyond feasible.

Freedom to feel like a prisoner.

Freedom to see no place for yourself in the society.

(They don’t really want you in their club, anyway!)

Freedom to want to die.

Post-modern and dystopian, Democracy.


(To be continued…)









She lost interest a long time ago,

but she learned how to pretend.

It’s her job, it’s important,

except, it’s not.


(To be continued…)