Chapter 76: Rethinking the Politician (aka: Fueling the Fire)

Posted: 2019-11-16 in ©SvetkaSamizdat, Blutlust, Распад, Роман?, Увы!, Fallen Humanity, Fallen World, Gruss aus Hameln, La désenchantée, People, Place & Politics, The Masses Are Asses

Gruss aus Hameln (2)

I’m confused. Obviously, I watch too much TV news.

Last week, I said: “He’s not the devil.”

Pied Piper, spoken song.

Now, I know I was wrong.


(To be continued…)








  1. Rivera says:

    My grandmother taught me…
    “Never believe what you hear, and only 1/2 of what you see.”

    Liked by 1 person

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