Сёстры печали

Another year, another problem

or ten, all at once.

Another day,

another construct to negotiate,

another thing to complicate and violate

my soul,

seeming, disintegrating hole.

Another morning,

another voice in my head,

confusing and accusing,

intruding, condemning.

(Internal, external,

screws tightening!)

Another storm wind blowing,

another drought,

another rain deluge in the wrong place.

Another tragedy, another strife,

another agony, another injustice,

another smothering of life.

Tired, so drained,

I’m ready to give up,


another countless baby is born.


(To be continued…)








  1. Rivera says:

    Excellent..!!! Enjoyed this very much.. and so true of many..unfortunately.

    Liked by 1 person

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