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Wm Happy Hamster

The more we think, the more we sink.

Hamster wheels suit rodents,

not humans.


(To be continued…)








Die Unehelichen 2

She asked me about Summer vacation: places, prospects, possibilities.

“Next Summer?” I replied,

“If I want to go anywhere, it’s back in time!”


(To be continued…)










Barriers imposed to slow,

or prevent our progress.

… After a while, even the strongest will fall …

Neverending obstacles, take a toll.

How many hurdles can we take

before we break?


(To be continued…)








satan sowing seeds

You, me,


do everything we can,

constantly try to do the right thing,

and yet,

time after time,

we get pissed upon.

The system, or some minion tool,

always seems to have a taste and need

for blood.

“What a wonderful world.”


(To be continued…)








Son altesse la femme

Still seeking meaning,

in a world of pain and hurt,

I’m ready to sell.


(To be continued…)








Pornokratès, 1878

Cast adrift in an absurd and hurtful world,

we do our best to survive.

Open to the possibility

of comfort and relief,

regardless of source,

solace we crave;

day by day,

more desperate and depraved.


(To be continued…)








Lake Baikal, Starry Night Sky

If I had,

but I didn’t,

so don’t (remind me, or pull me down, under, to drown) …

It’s gone.

I tried.


(To be continued…)








Birobidzhan, 1999 (2)

The neighbors take great delight in broadcasting

the progression of their happiness,

their version of fulfillment,

for everyone to see.

“Aren’t they doing well?” “Good for them!”

Ostentatious scum!

The sweetness of their hollow success is magnified by my sad bitterness.


(To be continued…)








2020.02.08, 1312

Hollow words, no substance,

vain repetitions, ardently observed.

Expansionist gestures, in your face:

is it faith, or is it hate?

Intentions regardless, you show respect,

and wait for the toilet to flush.


(To be continued…)









So, yes, I have another drink.

I only want to extend the pleasant mellowness,

sense of enlightenment, peace:

is that ever wrong?

… Define abyss.


(To be continued…)