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Hole In Wall

That thing which I seemed to brush off yesterday,

haunts and taunts me today,

makes me less likely to…

Do anything tomorrow.


(To be continued…)








Fingerprints (Schwarz & Rot)

Pain seeps soul away;

or maybe it’s who we are:

sum experience.


(To be continued…)








Cuckoo Clock, Crooked, Kucku

Time marches on,

relentlessly, mercilessly, mockingly.

Time evaporates,

desecrates, eviscerates, obliterates.

Hope, gone.

Resistance, futile.

Tomorrow, die, or do it all again.


(To be continued…)








Mother & Child (Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin)

She referred to herself as an illegitimate child.

“Really?” I replied. “Why denigrate yourself so?”

“Illegitimacy”. Surely an offensive and outdated term.

In these supposedly liberal and progressive times,

why would such a concept remain?

Yet, in “advanced Western” contexts I hear it repeatedly.

As if an inherent shame stalks the child forevermore.

Bizarre! I thought such ideas had died out long ago.

To me, all children are legitimate.

It’s got nothing to do with parentage.

The child simply exists.

Indeed, if you prick them do they not bleed?

Words, certainly cut asunder.

Then I reflected, was reminded:

the concept of illegitimacy,

cloaked in bogus morality,

actually has more to do with greed

and bourgeois inheritance imperatives.

Do you agree?


(To be continued…)








Webcam Cover (Bandaid)

So, I received an email… It’s quite well worded,

sufficient to cause alarm.

Apparently, somebody has my “password”,

and, magically, they also have video of me masturbating

(allegedly, I like some strange stuff).


And, tomorrow, if I don’t pay the bitcoin ransom,

“they” will send the video to people in my contacts list:

parents, family, friends, boss, whatever.

How unsettling!

And, “they” say, I will never be able to

look my contacts in the eye again.

… Regardless, tomorrow the “joke” will be on “them”.


(To be continued…)








Fetal Position 1

It starts with a myriad of thoughts,

brain-flooding, torrent of negativity.

Then, all-consuming agony,

radiating from my head

to my everything.

I drift in & out of consciousness,

transitioning into a throbbing nothingness,

where pain overwhelms, totally,

making thought beyond the agony’s essence


… This is existence?


(To be continued…)








Sunset Above Clouds

Repetitive, incoherent, negative.

Sometimes, but aren’t we all?

Stresses of life, system, thinking, toll.


… Unpoetic? Never!

Philosophical? Always!

… When I was a child, I had a rock collection.


(To be continued…)








Allan Österlind_ Pied Piper, Hameln

The leaders snap their fingers,

contradictory announcements, issue orders:

everything must change, backwards to “normal”,



The people do what they can to follow, obey:

this is democracy.


(To be continued…)








B-29 Enola Gay

Coffee and ham sandwiches,

on our way to a city,

about change history,

in ways unknown,

our flight drones.


(To be continued…)








Vremya, broken

That thing which worked yesterday no longer seems to

(another thing to add to the list!).

It probably can be fixed, but it’ll cost,

and I’d have to know the right people.

Simultaneously, another set of demands assert primacy,

as always, like maniacal chirping birds, dementing,

and fatigue is overwhelming.

… I can only fight so many battles, right? …

Alas, much like Jurgis’ leaking roof, it’ll continue to mock:

another broken object, machine,

another piece of me.


(To be continued…)