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So goes a man

at ease

with the futility of his existence.









Towel Thrown In, Boxing Ring

On reflection, after the matter of fact,

I preferred it when, in ignorance and hope,

I thought that happiness,

and fulfilment of potential,

was still possible.

… Tomorrow,

I don’t feel inclined to try …

(Always someone’s waiting

to bring you down!)








Hole (Sky View)

Life in society,

a series of holes

that widen,

waiting for you to fall through.

Like socks.

Someone will always take your place.








Hamster Wheel 1

Opportunities lost,

opportunities found,


and trashed…

past, present, future…

human progress

and hamster wheels.








Another day, big effort, hard work,

two steps forward, progress…


Every breath, you are closer to death.








Ant Hill in Forest, Lietuva


We fight, such as we can,

but we’re not ants,

we crave something better.

The downside of having a soul.

We trek around the mountain infinite times,

until we drop,

the body & mind can only take so much.

On death’s bed, last rites,

perhaps then we realize,

futility is human-made.




Chernobyl Bison


Hero or fool…

There’s a fine line.

Firefighters and liquidators rue,


for which all was given…

Half-Life in Billions.




Self defense futile,

mutually assured decay,

cease, desist, delay…




Lilit (Lilith), John Collier, 1887


If you’re a cognizant being,

regardless of your position,

if you wait long enough,

and are quiet enough to listen,

a tsunami of futility will hit,


questioning the point of existence,

you will either run screaming

or curl into a foetal ball.

Your best hope?

Another world.

Sleep, friend,

embrace the pressure on your chest,

Lilit awaits.




“There now, isn’t that better?

We have the TV to distract us.

So much better than listening

to the sound of our own heartbeats

and contemplating the futility

of society and existence…”