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Chernobyl Bison


Hero or fool…

There’s a fine line.

Firefighters and liquidators rue,


for which all was given…

Half-Life in Billions.





Self defense futile,

mutually assured decay,

cease, desist, delay…




Lilit (Lilith), John Collier, 1887


If you’re a cognizant being,

regardless of your position,

if you wait long enough,

and are quiet enough to listen,

a tsunami of futility will hit,


questioning the point of existence,

you will either run screaming

or curl into a foetal ball.

Your best hope?

Another world.

Sleep, friend,

embrace the pressure on your chest,

Lilit awaits.




“There now, isn’t that better?

We have the TV to distract us.

So much better than listening

to the sound of our own heartbeats

and contemplating the futility

of society and existence…”





then and there,

I thought my actions were heroic.

I am informed, however,

here and now,

that my actions were foolish,

at best comedic.


Place, time, mind.



constant farce,


I’m glad, at least, I made you smile.




She tells me about her friend

and her problems,

so many problems:

medical, emotional, financial,

personal, general, universal.

She’s been mistreated and hard-done-by,


And to top it off,

she’s just turned 30,

she’s depressed,

she suddenly feels old.

Poor baby.

My heart bleeds.

With all her problems,

I believe,

she’s lucky she’s feeling anything.




Life, in this place and time:

a series of banal and futile exertions for which,


there is no thanks.

What hope?

What point?

What future?


And yet,

so many of us feel compelled

to breed.




Fighting the system,

or cheating myself?

Futility bites.




Unnecessary, perhaps,

but it feels appropriate…

Such is everyday life,


existence in this realm.




Running to stand still.


aware of the futility,



we all slide down the hill.