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Sibir Rail Track, Taiga, Sunrise


My chance has gone,

the calendar and passport say.

“Did I ever actually have one?”

I sigh.

Fate has no reply.




The abbreviation,

it stands for something,

no one remembers what –

much like a politician.




The toilet paper is shit!

So much so,

that it makes me hanker for

the time

when we carried newspapers around.

Newspapers which weren’t, perhaps,

but now, most definitely are


Oh, how the world turns.




Whatever your dictionary may say,


and iniquity

are synonymous,

concepts and words,

in this fallen world.




Bus and Princess,

two words that surely do not belong in the same sentence,

yet, today the absurdity of my reality


hitting home again,

with those very words,

clearly heard,

leading me to despair,

and introspection.

… Am I beyond repair?




Fractions are nice

but imprecise.






Who can tell how much

you steal from us?




As always,

yesterday, today, tomorrow,

in peace and war,

as always,

life is cheap

and your pain

is someone’s game.