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1 (Pain)

It was a long night

but not long enough,

unable to sleep,

mind racing,

injustice and pain,


too late.









Stressed & Depressed

Always some new expectation,

deadline, complication,

guilt-trip obligation,


(to put you under condemnation).

This is what you live for?








Black Hole

Climate change?

Who gives a shit?

“We’re all gonna die!”

(Tonight on PBS: Black Hole Apocalypse…)








Wm covers ears, abuse (, opensource)

Shut your eyes,

block your ears,

hold your nose…

Things we wish we did not know!

Nausea, repulsion, abhorrence,

detestable human condition,

hateful people, pain.

In our lives we have a gutful,

no wonder, ultimately,

we acquiesce

to death.








Earth, Dry, Cracked


many times,

you know that, really, you don’t want to know.

Knowing is a burden,

a form of responsibility you don’t need or want,

yet you are drawn in,



fear of missing out,


written on your tombstone.









Lilli’s mother,

who remains at heart a Nazi,

once told her:

it is good for children to play in dirt.









Shit hits fan,

fan hits shit,

stars align,

sometimes benign,

often malign:

people, people, people,

self-centered motherfuckers!

… And someone is holding your head under water!


clock stops,

hole in sock,

and you are under,

lake freezing over.








Hitler, Nazis, Mercedes v3

Yesterday and today,

all the wannabes

want Mercedes.








Family Watches TV (Classic, Canada, Boxing)

Something to say?

Of course!

But who’s listening, reading, caring or,

most importantly,


about the words.

Your heart and soul poured out

as you to try to explain,

only to be drowned out

by TV noise.




Pozhar, Samara, 2017.11

Things you wish you could unsee.

Words you wish you could unhear.

Memories you wish you could forget.

People you wish were never born.

Life you wish you didn’t have.