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Some things, incomprehensible to others,

are extremely meaningful to me (and, let’s say, you),

and we do and believe beyond “reason”,

and it feels right and proper,

being led by inner prompting,

touching something ethereal, yet substantial,

eternal, elemental, Je ne sais quoi.

Healing, wholeness, and peace …

Happy Epiphany!


(To be continued…)







Devushka s Knigoy_ Almeida Junior

Preacher gets dirty on philosophy,

not realizing it is, by definition,

the love of wisdom.

And how more Godly could we be?


(To be continued…)








Starry Night Sky, Trees (Rus)

Star-lit Basilica,

dome of perfection,

wonderment and awe.

In peace, I worship,


guiltless and free.

Ready, when I am,

my own midnight Mass.


(To be continued…)








PSR B1509-58

The scientist is a celebrity, he’s frequently on TV.

He makes pronouncements, he expects you to believe.

He understands, it seems, the deepest mysteries of this and other galaxies,

until tomorrow, of course, “new discoveries”.

And God, he poses,

as if he knows, definitively:

“this kind of faith is a delusional fallacy.”

As if, indeed, he knows.

… Like the wind blows,

he too will fade away.


(To be continued…)









Hope and *Believe*

in Miracles.

Because, what else do we have to grasp?

Cleopatra’s asp and fear?

No! … Despair sucks us down.

I know it’s so,

as pain persists,

but, if and when you can,


And believe in *some* kind of miracle,

a possibility,

whatever your mind’s eye can muster.

Look beyond the horizon:

see epiphany and bliss.

Then turn inward, friend,

intimate, honest, candid,

and speak to God.


speak and listen.











Georgii Brousentsov - Au bord de l'eau

I see art,

and it’s beautiful.

The creation is truly a sensation!

But I understand what most men see,

on the wall,

in their souls,

and what they feel…

Base arousal.









Paul was a joyless misogynist.

They assert,

it’s quite obvious,

and certainly seems clear.

(Nikak, i

ni v koyem sluchaye!)

Then they retranslate,

and realize,

it’s apparently not so,

so as to speak,

by no means,

and it may never be.

Matters of style and misunderstanding…

Sublime and inadequate.

Sacred and human.

What else then,

is open to question?








Humanist Funeral

So, you believe in something:

something undefined

beyond the mundane,

as you say.   …

So, you believe in something,

you just don’t know what.   …

Wow. How superficially deep,











Moskovskiy Park Pobedy

The best prayers,

I believe,

are ardent fragments.








dedal i ikar (landon, 1799)

Despite what the TV Preachers imply,

I don’t know if I can make my miracle fly.

Sow a seed, if you please:

such harvest you will reap.