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Pinochet & Friends

Nothing seems to motivate people

(and evil)

quite like the prospect of wealth

and power.

Treason against self and collective,

“better angels” left to piss in wind.








Rus, Aloe

Wet towel falls away,

exposes soft white body,

life manifest, craved.








princess Eugenie 1

Sex sells

(and who’s buying?)…

Sex sells


souls, dollars,









Femen in Tunisia

The glasses are slightly fogged up,

smeared, vision blurred.


Too clear a view of people is









Pacific (Tikhiy)

Allison Guyot?

A beautiful sounding name,

Pacific Ocean bliss,

I want to go,










Wm in City Admires View, Takes Off Dress

Socialite, sociopath,

cradle to grave,

life depraved,

public entertained,

expectations fulfilled.








yekaterina katnikova

Serendipitously I slide

into the sweet visage…

Forgetting that which may have been;

imagining what could be…

Hurtling out of

and in to


Screw probability,


this is where I’m meant to be.








It is either extremely beautiful,

or decayed and squalid,

in this light, it is hard to tell.

Shadows dance on the walls,

ornate and cared for,

forgotten relic,

passion dictates,

eyes deceive.




1906 Riga_ (Rus)

I’d say, we’re all crazy.



I’m the sanest crazy person I know.




He wore a $670,000 wristwatch.

I’m amazed that’s even possible.

Certainly it’s immoral

that such things exist.