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Stroitelstvo-v-Sulazhgore (Karelia)

Right day, wrong year…

*Fuck, shit, suck!*

Another year older

and wiser…

And how I realize

Winter’s are too short!








Headache, Drinking Tea, Utro_

Fuck you and your panic attack!

… The future?

Screw that fear!

Today and yesterday, are and were

bad enough here.








Femen in Tunisia

The glasses are slightly fogged up,

smeared, vision blurred.


Too clear a view of people is









Wm covers ears, abuse (, opensource)

Shut your eyes,

block your ears,

hold your nose…

Things we wish we did not know!

Nausea, repulsion, abhorrence,

detestable human condition,

hateful people, pain.

In our lives we have a gutful,

no wonder, ultimately,

we acquiesce

to death.









Today, I realized that my clock is running slow.

Which is to say, my clock has been progressively slowing over time.

Losing seconds, minutes, “life”.

In effect, my clock has been regressing, whilst progressing.

Indeed, ipso facto, as such,

I am reminded, on so many levels, how

the supposedly “progressive” in actuality,

for the balance of humanity,

is regressive.









Ronald Reagan,

a great man,

a great American.

Ronald Reagan,

poetry in motion.

Alas, dear reader,

history and satire,

maybe don’t repeat,

but surely do rhyme…

like futility and perfidy,

pain and drain,

dreams blown away.










So, America, you “beat” us,

we, the people, USSR.

Wow, talk about pyrrhic victory!

(The scum you have enabled!)

Pray tell, do you enjoy your new enemies?

And does your 2019 beat your 2001,

beat your 1979?








Another day, big effort, hard work,

two steps forward, progress…


Every breath, you are closer to death.








1952. Nikola Mirchev

Time flies,


and you forget quite where you are

and/or have been.

Perhaps it’s best,

after all,

we don’t really want to know

where we’re going.




It is either extremely beautiful,

or decayed and squalid,

in this light, it is hard to tell.

Shadows dance on the walls,

ornate and cared for,

forgotten relic,

passion dictates,

eyes deceive.