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Nazi Maedchen Suki

Watch documentary:

Middle finger exercise…

Nazis, I despise!


(To be continued…)








USA Flag Bikini 2

I’m not envious of your success,

your riches are an irrelevance,

your existence meaningless.

I hate you

and your ease of being,


I don’t want your things.




Under siege from every angle,

*they* demand constant fight.

I revolt

by giving up,

moving to another realm…




Calendar, Page Turning


How dare you hijack this date,

this number, this connection

and memory of mine.

How dare you impose your filthy,

corrupt blasphemy

on me.

Everyday History.




Anarchist Black Cat


You give your all

for a just cause, or ten,

until you are spent.

Kicked in the guts one too many times.

Tarnished, like everything becomes.

… “Too fucked up to care anymore!”

(If only that were true:

problem is, you *do* care,

and it hurts like hell…)