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Headache, Drinking Tea, Utro_

Time hasn’t been kind

to our kind,

in my mind,

splitting headache,

dreams forsake.









1. Ru, By

Sometimes, when we wake,

in golden moments of desperation,

we grasp, in mind fog,

trying to remember,

where and when we are,

what responsibilities loom,

hoping, perhaps,


it’s yesterday.








False Dmitry 1 swears allegiance to king Sigismund III Vasa

Teetering, verge of break…

How many false Dmitris can we take?

Sun shines,

rays through glass,

lives and objects fade.








princess Eugenie 1

Sex sells

(and who’s buying?)…

Sex sells


souls, dollars,









Sunglasses (Rus)

Some say retrograde,

I say renegade!

A rebel beyond constraints of time

and place.

A rebel for yesterday,


and today.

A rebel beyond judgement

of good, better, worse.

Totally with cause,


and purpose.

… There, I see him/her

wearing sunglasses,

AD 1572.








Headache, Drinking Tea, Utro_

Fuck you and your panic attack!

… The future?

Screw that fear!

Today and yesterday, are and were

bad enough here.








Black Hole

In hindsight,


I didn’t foresee


Opportunities lost,

and the clock keeps ticking,

hands moving,

hope sliding away.

Is it time that’s pernicious,

or people’s expectations?

Especially their selfish manipulations

and violations of others beings.









There is no is,

only was.

Can we ever really grasp the immediate,

the fleeting present?

No, the brain doesn’t work that fast.

We need to process.

All is past.









Maybe I’m addicted.

So? Who isn’t? (there’s always something)

Maybe *it*

is exactly what we need

to get through yesterday and today.

Alas, indeed,

it’s not like tomorrow’s guaranteed.









Today, I realized that my clock is running slow.

Which is to say, my clock has been progressively slowing over time.

Losing seconds, minutes, “life”.

In effect, my clock has been regressing, whilst progressing.

Indeed, ipso facto, as such,

I am reminded, on so many levels, how

the supposedly “progressive” in actuality,

for the balance of humanity,

is regressive.