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Man-child acts like a teenager, he explains,

because he didn’t get to be one when he was one.

Life on Earth,

misplaced time,

and everlasting brief.


(To be continued…)









Temporality passes,

by definition they imply,

but this denies the pain

that seems everlasting.

This “thing” passes?

Maybe, but as far as I remember,

it’s all I’ve ever known.

(To be continued…)









“All the time in the world!” …

Until said world ends.


(To be continued…)









Wonderful, beautiful ideas,

I am driven to think, explore.

Strands enticing in myriad directions,

intriguing …

But life and time intrude,

like a neighbor’s chainsaw,

“reality”, hah,

the night is bleeding away.

Ultimate frustration, desperation,


I’m all too aware …

Tomorrow’s clock is ticking.


(To be continued…)









Otto Mueller_ Tänzerin mit Schleier, 1903 v2

Tuesday, I was briefly happy.

In 1875, I was not yet born.


(To be continued…)









Ages forgotten,

future melts into present,









Headache, Drinking Tea, Utro_

Time hasn’t been kind

to our kind,

in my mind,

splitting headache,

dreams forsake.








1. Ru, By

Sometimes, when we wake,

in golden moments of desperation,

we grasp, in mind fog,

trying to remember,

where and when we are,

what responsibilities loom,

hoping, perhaps,


it’s yesterday.








False Dmitry 1 swears allegiance to king Sigismund III Vasa

Teetering, verge of break…

How many false Dmitris can we take?

Sun shines,

rays through glass,

lives and objects fade.








princess Eugenie 1

Sex sells

(and who’s buying?)…

Sex sells


souls, dollars,