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If you want the question answered,

*that* is not the question to ask.





The villagers were happy,

today was a respite

after last night’s storm.

A chance to repair

the damage and destruction

wrought by the howling winds.

What fortune (!),

today the Sun even shines,

indeed moods rise,

as they prepare to batten down the hatches

for, tomorrow or the next day,

another storm cometh.

Commendable, stupid people,

they are functional.

… I am but a philosopher,

a futility phobic,

screaming myself to sleep:

“Let me off this fucking boat!”




Revisionist history:

different emphasize,

sometimes lies.

Like, the smug guy,

who talks of Lenin’s Siberian slave girl,

kept in a cage

beneath the stairs.



of despair!

Alas, Pasha,

I knew you.

Public misled


blatant lies.

But it’s on TV and he’s ‘an expert’,

so it becomes true.

Perverted mystery,

bias and blasphemy,

revisionist history.




She asked me what I had been doing.

Reading and learning, I replied.


I scanned my mind, trying to pin down the essential pieces of knowledge,

the wisdom,

obscured by the clutter of information,

open to interpretation.


That the truth is buried somewhere within the lies.”




You see what you wanna see,

yes, I agree,

when I hear what I wanna hear.

(Let me be!)




I wait for a smile,

some hope.

… I get nothing

but hurt.




Yes, the pictures you show are grotesque

and sobering…

Alas, though,

I was in Leningrad, Dresden and Tokyo

and I can’t say that Nagasaki and Hiroshima

suffered any more (or less).

War is war.

Death is death.

Misery is misery.

Burning, peeling, rotting human flesh is…

(you get the picture).

You can’t compare these things.

But you can oversimplify geopolitics

and complicated concepts.

And you can pretend that by banning “The Bomb”

human suffering will end.

Alas …

… Like landmines and schools,

you maim, destroy and breed,






still waiting,


for the adults to act like adults,




… Really,

do we ever stop being petty children?




You listen to them and are immediately engaged:

Intelligent voices, perceptive.

You listen some more and gradually realize

how stupid in fact they actually are.

… Brainwashed wannabes:

talkative parakeets,

lauded by a society,

on a road to destruction.

Spouting words, no real comprehension,

elucidating idiocy,


nodding audience proficiency.

… Messages of love,

laced with hate.

(*Agree, or die!*)

… Really,

must we accept this “fate”?





Small word,

big meaning.

If only…

Implications immense,

future, past,