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You try,

O how you try,

to do the right thing.

But at the end of the day…

You sit in a pile of ashes

and are reminded of the futility.

Pressure and distension,

people suck you dry.

Bones crumble.

Morals decay.

Life goes on?

Life goes wrong.

(Every fucking day…

life… fades away)










Unrequited love,

cascading unmet needs,

I cut my toenails

until I bleed.




You pray,

you believe,

you hope.

Life goes on,

people suck you dry.

You get disenchanted,


and exhausted.

You pray,

you try to believe,

you want to remember

what hope felt like.

One day you give up.

Soon, you will die.




Wave of futility sweeps over me…

Kalahari iceberg melts,

washes my dreams away.




Human existence…

Limited resistence.

Every now and then you run into a wall,

jaded, wise and cynical,

you realize the futility of it all.

Thousands of years of evolution,

one way or another,

for this?

(Poxy pinnacle!)

Why do we go on?

(Deluding ourselves with stupid songs…)

As a species,

when our primal urges are thwarted,


our lofty ambitions of improvement fail,

banality and futility reign,

and there is no hope,


what is there left to live for?




Slough of despondency,

my sensitive soul mourns:

liberal society,

apex depravity.




I used to have something

but now I am spent,




asunder rent.




If you think about it…

in a sense,


doesn’t live here any more.

The child has come of age and realizes the futility of it all. He/she withdraws. Taut. Ready to explode.

Quiet and deep-thinking, like a Finn, and all that entails.

(Bread basket travesty…)

… Molotov Cocktail.




Woe is me,

Woe is you,

Woe is us…

Screeching fuss.

The human condition.

Heal me physician!

(As if!)

You seek help.

Placebo today,

Butcher tomorrow.

Vanity of vanities,

Perpetual insanity.

… Humanist?

What hope?

Together, all alone, we die.




If you’re lucky, you “get” me.

Alas, I never get you,

or yours,

despite my natural ear for languages.

… I languish.

Illuminated and enlightened


perpetual anguish.