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They told me he wasn’t as vulgar as LBJ,


as lecherous as JFK.


Nevertheless, in his own way…

When I walked into the office the chief was berating the intelligent-looking guy:

“For Christ’s sake, Henry, think big! Let’s get nuclear, goddammit!”

Mortified at the blasphemy, involuntarily I laughed.

Bemused, they looked through me, a woman,

an open door.




Outside, I approached the car.

Inside, he watched carefully.

Slowly, he wound the window down.

I could hear Nautilus Pompilius playing,

one track transitioned into another,

a homemade cassette.

I smiled inwardly.

I knew we would have something to talk about.




Okay, it was an interesting proposal.

Considering the closest he got to Avant-Garde was the second Omsk Hockey team, when they had a free admission day,

this was truly *out there*

and I was intrigued…




Every thought you think.

Every urge you indulge and/or struggle against.

(… Resist!)

Every order you obey.

Everything you say.

Every word you read and/or hear,

affecting, …

infecting your perspective.

Constant barrage,

constantly compromised.

Trust no one.

Your time will come.





“You’ve heard of the bald-hairy-bald-hairy theory, for our leaders, right?”

I nodded.

“Well, I apply it to women,” he said, looking downward, meaningfully, expectantly…




Dress for success, they told me,

appearance count (deceive),

get the job (done).




Like most men

he was motivated by his country

and his cock.


and priapic.

In me he found a way to obey both.

Look out world,

look out girls.




The politician decided to be honest,

to open herself up.

Of course, democracy will punish her…

Public opinion. Popularity contest.

Tabloid reporting. High-brow sneering.

Kompromat? … Yes, please!

“Entertainment”, baloney, titillating feel,

people don’t want “real”.




Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,

went fishing,


zero sum.

Sikorskys overhead,

deer flea.


Everything is atomic warfare.




“Okay, so our people broke into the ARPANET and, long story short, we now know that Ronald Reagan watched Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears several times so as to ‘better understand the Russian soul’.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Question is, did Reagan cry?”