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Some things, incomprehensible to others,

are extremely meaningful to me (and, let’s say, you),

and we do and believe beyond “reason”,

and it feels right and proper,

being led by inner prompting,

touching something ethereal, yet substantial,

eternal, elemental, Je ne sais quoi.

Healing, wholeness, and peace …

Happy Epiphany!


(To be continued…)







They’re just words, she said,

misunderstanding the whole…

Words, piece of my soul!


(To be continued…)







Dozhd, Okno

As the rain continues to fall, soaking and complicating,

it desecrates my soul.

Floods and damage here,

droughts and devastation there.

I pray for some happy medium, for everyone.

I pray for burnt koalas in faraway trees.

Alas, if I can’t pray to, believe and rely on Jesus, then what?

This world and it’s people are fucked!


(To be continued…)








Devushka s Knigoy_ Almeida Junior

Poetic prose beats

prosaic poetry.


(… Definitely!)


(To be continued…)








Fingerprints (Schwarz & Rot)

Pain seeps soul away;

or maybe it’s who we are:

sum experience.


(To be continued…)








Black Square

In a dark room, there is peace,

no mirror to reflect in superficially,

no window to see or hear others through.

In a dark room, in quietude,

without external distraction

without sensory stimulation

and base manipulation,

left alone,

there is freedom to be deep,

to detachedly think,

to commune with my soul.

In solitary confinement,

my captors assume I will angrily stew

and tear myself apart,

but they are wrong:

In solitary confinement,

I rejoice!


(To be continued…)








Душа, Dusha

I try to be more mindful,

but it seems impossible:

too many distractions and complications

crying out, demanding compromise,


I try to be more mindful…


(To be continued…)









Whirlwind idyll.

Incongruous, cacophony,

somehow melodic and fitting,

it soothes my transplanted soul

(suppressing feelings of being but not belonging).

Tonight I surrender to the pulsating release,

and sing: “Lemberg, L’vov, L’viv,

let’s get married!”


(To be continued…)








Warp Drive 2

Alas, the transience of pleasure,

and the permanence of despair.


(To be continued…)










News, views, blog posts,


rarely deep, occasionally meaningful,

usually shallow, repetitive,


jarring, arrhythmic,

typically predictable,

always, alas, enthusiastic.

So tiring to be around.

I need to be alone.


(To be continued…)