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Halicarnassus Mausoleum

Do you really want to be buried?

Put in ground, consecrated today,

and desecrated tomorrow?

If not people,

then nature and gods,

lay waste, it would seem,

to Artemisia’s hubris.









Their decisions,

sometimes malign,

often banal,

always selfish,

have consequences.

They impact,

they hurt.


inside and out,

your heart and soul screams…

This is not the life you want to live.




Tiziano_ Amor Sacro y Amor Profano (1514)

Renaissance Man sees things another way,

he has *perspective*.

He is not moved by your dancing,



nor by your gimmicks and VR Glasses.

Athens, Rome, Moscow burn?

He plays cello,

calmly reflecting.

A peace inspired by Plato.

Renaissance Man looks boldly

into the future,

he sees shit,

he flushes toilet.

Nuclear wind blows,

Summer and Winter,

my hero,

never old grows.




Simone Weil

Her memory spoke to me in a dream,

chastising, emphasizing,

be a thinker *and* doer.

She spoke to me,

reminded me,

her life and actions louder than words.

Simone Weil,


and die.





Fellow traveler

got lost somewhere along the way.





More than anything,

I “just” wanted the world

to be

a better place.




Under siege from every angle,

*they* demand constant fight.

I revolt

by giving up,

moving to another realm…




Speech Bubble

Well, sure,

everybody likes to talk about themselves,


Well, maybe not everyone,

but if there’s a good chance the listener will reply affirmatively,

with praise and encouragement,

then, even the taciturn are tempted.

Everyone has a story worth telling, after all

(a true cliché forgotten by many),

and everybody likes to be appreciated.

Indeed, everyone needs to be appreciated.


So, shut up and listen

to the beautiful silence.

Read and remember me.





9.16 Malevich_ Black Square, 1913


A veneer of authority

gives the functionary

pretensions of grandeur.

Power through paperwork.


won’t accept an inducement,

though they are certainly corrupt,


just likes making your life difficult.

Your discomfort, gives them pleasure.

Oh, *get off*, what measure!

Complication, intrusion, mindgames, humiliation,

all in a day’s work

for the contemptible clerk.






Alone in a crowd,

A cliché misunderstood,

Wind blows forest trees.




Золотая пыль (Gold Dust)


At any given time,

I will carry 25 Kopeks

as, I know,

regardless of when and where,

it will be enough

to take me home.