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Black Hole

In hindsight,


I didn’t foresee


Opportunities lost,

and the clock keeps ticking,

hands moving,

hope sliding away.

Is it time that’s pernicious,

or people’s expectations?

Especially their selfish manipulations

and violations of others beings.









Rebecca, Big Brother De

In modern liberal democracy

(as much as in oligarchy),

they who control the levers

of the mass media,

control the people.

Hearts, urges, ideas.








Speech Bubble

Well, sure,

everybody likes to talk about themselves,


Well, maybe not everyone,

but if there’s a good chance the listener will reply affirmatively,

with praise and encouragement,

then, even the taciturn are tempted.

Everyone has a story worth telling, after all

(a true cliché forgotten by many),

and everybody likes to be appreciated.

Indeed, everyone needs to be appreciated.


So, shut up and listen

to the beautiful silence.

Read and remember me.





Kazantip 2013


I *found* my virginity

at Kazantip…

Maybe it was sanity,

the noise ringing in my head.


and tomorrow’s migraine.




Gołąbki & Potato (mashed)


In no particular order…

You say Golubtsy,

I say Gołąbki.

You eat in a café,

I eat out of a jar.

Nevertheless, we talk…

We walk…

You say Europe,

I say Eurasia.

You say Pan-Slavism,

I say parasitism.

You say Australia,

I say Austria.

Very well,


Let’s get married.




Confronted with an unexpected, inane, remark,

I reply equally stupidly.

Such is dialog,

communication today.




Every day it seems I am giving up another piece of my soul

just to survive, tread water, in this world.

Tomorrow, again, there is less left of my self.

Repulsed, at what society has made me

(not my dream or aspiration!),

I avoid looking in the mirror,

it isn’t difficult,

tomorrow, I will disappear.




We, the people,


and defeated,

agree with whatever you say…

Please, just let us go,





just let us be…





it’s a dacha garden,

do I care about some weeds?

Yet, the neighbors demand a strange perfection,

I don’t understand,

it’s not like we’re feeding the collective!

(Just who are these people?)




Some people seem to like

the constant struggle

of life in this world.

The ceaseless battle

motivates and stimulates,

providing willpower

to get up each morning.

Other people

are repulsed

and sucked dry

by such futility.

They know they’ll never win

in this corrupt system.

For them,

deep thinkers

and bottom feeders,

life is a kind of death.