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Doza alkogolia (Veltins)

Please do not condemn the quiet one,

they might seem morose,

look unkempt, rough…

Forgive them if they do not reply to your words,

in their sensitivity, they are repulsed by babble

and trivialities,

their minds are already full of conversation,

words and hurt…

They are thinking, it’s a compulsion,

feel pity for them.

If they look longingly at a bottle, do not criticize,

they are doing what they can

to survive.


(To be continued…)








Two candles,

burning poorly,

small flames,

barely flickering,

are caught by a breeze.


they flare, bright,

surging light,

intuitively they leap,


(Burning, churning, learning…)

Cauldron effect,

heat builds,

material catches,

as one

the throbbing fire spreads,

unrighteous men

run in dread.