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Mordvinskaya, 1923_ FV Sychkov_ Smile

A smile. A simple smile,

if genuine, and friendly,

from a stranger, unexpectedly,

can be enough to rescue your day,

your life even, maybe,

delivering hope,

a glimmer of love and beauty,

the best music of Mozart,


in a world of competition and hate.


(To be continued…)








Devushka s Knigoy_ Almeida Junior

Poetic prose beats

prosaic poetry.


(… Definitely!)


(To be continued…)








Teeth, Hollywood Bright

Another time, golden, one might say, alas, gone …

Tonight, some old sports footage reminds me

of natural beauty,

as champions smile widely,

exposing in their glee,

yellowed teeth honesty.


(To be continued…)








Rosa Canina (Belg)

If the critic is looking for another description of a flower,

s/he will not get that from me.

The world and the people do not need another description of a flower

(go outside and look for yourself: sometime, somewhere, something will be growing near you – whether moss or wild rosa).


we need to think,

to explore the heart of darkness,

to treat each other with kindness.

We need enlightenment.


(To be continued…)








Zamok 2

Strange and unexpected,

but I shan’t complain.

Some things,

I have no want to explain.

(To be continued…)








7.09 (1425)

To be a part of the constellation of life,


is enough.


and a touch.








Ivan Shadr, v1

Women, men,

deep and shallow,

we all want to be liked,


ultimately desired.








The writing is so beautiful,


and lyrical,

it speaks to me,

makes me think

and wonder.

The writing is moving,


and it makes me proud

that it makes me want to cry.