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Pied Piper

I don’t want to,

but it seems inescapable,

as Pavlov’s dogs,

sometimes, try as I might not to,

I dance to the loathsome set tune.


(To be continued…)









Sometimes it’s out of your control.

Such as, today, and yesterday, yet again…

They decided

… and you’re blindsided.

Fucked-over for their convenience.

(To be continued…)








Black Square, Grunge Frame

Blank page, joyful thing.

Endless possibilities…

Limited by state.








The Resounding Voice of The People

has spoken,

loudly, according to media reports.

“Democracy in action

in the Land of the Free!”

A solid 51% of citizens agree.

… Today was a good day for democracy

(We like it when things go our way) … 




Kazantip 2013


I *found* my virginity

at Kazantip…

Maybe it was sanity,

the noise ringing in my head.


and tomorrow’s migraine.




Calendar, Page Turning


How dare you hijack this date,

this number, this connection

and memory of mine.

How dare you impose your filthy,

corrupt blasphemy

on me.

Everyday History.




Of course, there’s a crack in the road,

as you cross the border,

in your Volvo.

“Welcome to the USSR!”

(You think you’re open-minded


the storyteller/film-maker/puppet-master

wants you to think

of shit!

… Agenda subtly met.)