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Government Committee,

tragic comedy…

Farce, pretence and larceny…

Time and lives wasted,

sucked dry.





There was a window,

but it has shut.

Perhaps tomorrow,

perhaps tonight,

your time will be wasted.




Rapidity and run to the market.

Snipers taking pot-shots

and big-shots cashing in

(on our glorious history

and our current misery).

So, this is capitalism?

Like Sarajevo…

The much-vaunted freedom from Communism?

… Your vapidity gives me the shits.





Slough of despondency,

my sensitive soul mourns:

liberal society,

apex depravity.





In the land of liberty,

of course you are free,

to live in poverty,

… moral bankruptcy.





In the name of “fighting” Communism,

your democratic government (“of and for the people”)

empowered criminals and drug-pushing scum,

enabled the destruction of millions of lives, hopes and dreams,

perpetuated evil, indeed.

Past, present, future.

We’re *Gone*.

Statue of Liberty, stands proud,

looks passively away,

heart of stone.