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World Population Growth 1

The place where you were born,

it isn’t the same

and it never will be.

People make things change,

more’s the pity.









Arktika (1980)

You break the ice

only to find there is nothing beneath.

You had imagined there would be depth to his soul, intrigue.

But there is nothing, not even water beneath the ice, just a yawning, gaping void.

Disappointed, you resolve to not ask any more questions.







Crumbling edifice

washed away,

piece by piece,

falling rain.

Shit! We’re all fake.






Alone in a crowd,

A cliché misunderstood,

Wind blows forest trees.




Day after day

we fade away,



Each breath

another expression

of life

become death.




O’ the unrecorded disappointments of history!

The hidden resentments,



personal tragedies.

Big, small, in between.

… O’ what could have been,

wondrous and mighty,

had things gone our way!




Time passes and context proves the undoing

of everything you hoped would be.

Like, this afternoon’s enlightening sentiment

buried by tonight’s depleted body

and spat-upon soul.

Still, the clock keeps ticking,

yes, the fucking clock,

the calendar,


and various rodents,




suck you dry.




The Sun beats down,

all day long.

In the drought

and in the desert,

it’s oppressive.

No respite.

The Sun beats down,

all the long daylight hours.

… And when you’re beaten down,

it’s hard to get up.




Busily we fill our emptiness

with shit.

Hastily we fill our silence

with garbage.

Willfully we are unenlightened,

destroying our planet,


each other,

day after day.

We have a choice and,


we choose conflict

and death.

We disguise our stupidity

and smooth our futility,

with short-term distractions,

loud music and sex.

To err is too human.




Every day it seems I am giving up another piece of my soul

just to survive, tread water, in this world.

Tomorrow, again, there is less left of my self.

Repulsed, at what society has made me

(not my dream or aspiration!),

I avoid looking in the mirror,

it isn’t difficult,

tomorrow, I will disappear.