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Surgut, Storm Looms

Tired and forlorn,

every day seems

a perfect storm.









Stroitelstvo-v-Sulazhgore (Karelia)

Right day, wrong year…

*Fuck, shit, suck!*

Another year older

and wiser…

And how I realize

Winter’s are too short!








9.16 Malevich_ Black Square, 1913

So, you pray.

In all good & honest, believing


you pray.

And still, yet more decay,

another set of problems, every day


So, you turn to people,

neighbors, friends,

you ask for help,

and silence.

People are busy with their own issues,

apparently, and dead to your needs.

Alas, you are all alone in this world,

stinging sensation,

on realization,

nauseous emptiness.

So, you pray again,

some kind of hope in your heart,

a glimmer of warmth,

you try to find,

it’s either that or suicide.








Rebecca, Big Brother De

In modern liberal democracy

(as much as in oligarchy),

they who control the levers

of the mass media,

control the people.

Hearts, urges, ideas.








World Population Growth 1

The place where you were born,

it isn’t the same

and it never will be.

People make things change,

more’s the pity.








Arktika (1980)

You break the ice

only to find there is nothing beneath.

You had imagined there would be depth to his soul, intrigue.

But there is nothing, not even water beneath the ice, just a yawning, gaping void.

Disappointed, you resolve to not ask any more questions.







Crumbling edifice

washed away,

piece by piece,

falling rain.

Shit! We’re all fake.






Alone in a crowd,

A cliché misunderstood,

Wind blows forest trees.




Day after day

we fade away,



Each breath

another expression

of life

become death.




O’ the unrecorded disappointments of history!

The hidden resentments,



personal tragedies.

Big, small, in between.

… O’ what could have been,

wondrous and mighty,

had things gone our way!