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Ocean, Immense & Bleak

It’s a dangerous thing, so as to speak,

judging people by my own standards,

expecting them to act as I would,

in events and circumstance.

We remain strangers, it would seem,

no universal logic or sense.

Alas, alone in polluted, plastic sea,

humanity floats and drowns.


(To be continued…)








Volcanic Mud

This life, like a diabolical futility treadmill,

going nowhere but round and round,

always more shit to keep us “grounded”,

“knowing our place”,

stuck in quicksand.


(To be continued…)








Nyurnbergskaya Khronika_ Edit Sol'

Lies, damned lies, baloney and innuendo…

Regardless, shit sticks, as they say in the classics,

or is it just me, spinning my wheels.

… O’ futility!

(Is this my lot?)


(To be continued…)









How quickly things change,

when we don’t want them to.

Sadly, the opposite is also true.

This life is a cherry bowl of clichés and pathos,

instability mixed with insecurity,

recipe to erode your will and psyche.


(To be continued…)








Doza alkogolia (Veltins)

Please do not condemn the quiet one,

they might seem morose,

look unkempt, rough…

Forgive them if they do not reply to your words,

in their sensitivity, they are repulsed by babble

and trivialities,

their minds are already full of conversation,

words and hurt…

They are thinking, it’s a compulsion,

feel pity for them.

If they look longingly at a bottle, do not criticize,

they are doing what they can

to survive.


(To be continued…)








Dzhentileski_ Melankholiya

Lighthearted haiku,

to raise and improve my mood:

Yes, I’m still waiting …


(To be continued…)








Broken 3

I do, but I don’t.

I will, but I won’t.

Conflicted and afflicted,

do you think I like being this way?








Black Square, Grunge Frame

Blank page, joyful thing.

Endless possibilities…

Limited by state.








Hot Air Balloon 1

Melancholy pervades today’s celebration.

Constant fragility.

Memories of yesterday,

betrayal and pain,

shaping tomorrow.

What hope?








Walking Away_ Wm c Suitcase

We’re on the same page,

a sense of deliberate disconnectedness from present time & place

(which, to me it is clear, we can’t positively change).

It’s nice, while it lasts,

remembering the past,

acknowledging the hopelessness of the present

by extension.

Until she gets back to today,

torment and strain,

and like a TV preacher,


she declares

we need


“make it happen”!

Inside, I walk away.