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VR 5G, Nokia Ozo

Escape, connect, or both?

Tomorrow, they imply, we can have everything,


Modern times, expensive toys,

gimmicks, delusions, ploys,

your lack of imagination is a plus,

as they foster the illusion of choice,

*someone* is pressing our buttons.

… This does not augur well.


(To be continued…)








Wm covers ears, abuse (, opensource)

People are idiotic

and yet we listen to their words,

allowing hurt to linger in our minds,

hate to penetrate our souls.


(To be continued…)









On the outside looking in.

On the inside looking out.

Both detached

from some sort of reality.


(To be continued…)









How quickly things change,

when we don’t want them to.

Sadly, the opposite is also true.

This life is a cherry bowl of clichés and pathos,

instability mixed with insecurity,

recipe to erode your will and psyche.


(To be continued…)








1.19 (2020) a

Life, I’m told,

gets progressively worse.

The longer we live, it seems,

the more pain we experience.

Perhaps, hopefully,

there are moments of peace and happiness mixed in,

but is the dispersal of such equal among everyone?

Alas, obviously not.

… Evolution of the species.

Wishing better for Epiphany.


(To be continued…)









Every day: progress,


The hole gets bigger, deeper.

Problems, imposed and happenstance,

pile up, front, center, side,

more and more to do

each new tomorrow,

hope and decimation.



reasons to keep breathing.


(To be continued…)










News, views, blog posts,


rarely deep, occasionally meaningful,

usually shallow, repetitive,


jarring, arrhythmic,

typically predictable,

always, alas, enthusiastic.

So tiring to be around.

I need to be alone.


(To be continued…)








Charles the Bald 1b

Charles the Bald (not to be confused with Charles the Bold),

may or may not have actually been bald (depending upon what is meant by bald).

This year, if you want to give me a present, so as to say,

don’t give me anything new,

s’il vous plaît.

The past is quite enough to deal with.


(To be continued…)








Сёстры печали

Another year, another problem

or ten, all at once.

Another day,

another construct to negotiate,

another thing to complicate and violate

my soul,

seeming, disintegrating hole.

Another morning,

another voice in my head,

confusing and accusing,

intruding, condemning.

(Internal, external,

screws tightening!)

Another storm wind blowing,

another drought,

another rain deluge in the wrong place.

Another tragedy, another strife,

another agony, another injustice,

another smothering of life.

Tired, so drained,

I’m ready to give up,


another countless baby is born.


(To be continued…)








Derevo i Nebo

I could learn the answer if I gather the pieces and study them.

I want to know the answer


I know, that the gathering of the pieces,

what that entails,

and what they will bring to mind,

their sum in stark relief,

would cost much more than the answer is worth.

Therefore, for sanity’s sake,

I try to forget the question.


(To be continued…)