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TV_ No Signal

You think you *know*

but what you know is a version,

the vision & sound allowed to you

by those who control

the dissemination of information.

Be assured, whatever the topic,

it suits someone’s agenda.









1 (Pain)

It was a long night

but not long enough,

unable to sleep,

mind racing,

injustice and pain,


too late.








Halicarnassus Mausoleum

Do you really want to be buried?

Put in ground, consecrated today,

and desecrated tomorrow?

If not people,

then nature and gods,

lay waste, it would seem,

to Artemisia’s hubris.








Broken 3

Your past, my past,

it’s mocking us, every day,

every way it can;

memories, torment,

futility and pain, slap in face,

cracked leather.

Good intentions violated, screwed,


today’s future is hollow,

the things that were meant to be

are gone.








Drinking in Public, 1751

Gradually I feel my head getting cloudy.

I take another sip.

Dizzy, I sway.

Some would say I’m getting more and more

fucked up.

But in this state, I realize, there is clarity.

Less and less, your bullshit has effect.

More and more, I am me.








Bikiniarze_ Devushki

Remembering and cherishing,

living in the golden memories,

the times,

that never really were.












Heroes and villains both,

law enforcement,

similar enough,

different time and place.



good, bad,










You shake your head,

even thought the movement hurts,

you feel compelled to express chagrin.

Throbbing migraine,

futility compulsion,

fundamental, primal pain.








Black Square, Grunge Frame


eviscerated, complicated, violated,

overwhelmed by stimuli,

need peace,

shut eyes.








Ge-Rus Road Closed, Snow

I’m functional, determinedly.

But gradually, and suddenly

I hit the wall,

so as to say,

I crash,

maybe avalanche.