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She had potential, they say,

and now,

*look* what she has become…

It’s too bad,

it’s such a shame…

But she decided

she didn’t want to play the game.









Borschtsch mit Brot

Armageddon looms; warmongers reign,

today, as yesterday.

What chance tomorrow being…?

So, (fuck it!)

I will eat late tonight,

I will satisfy my urge:

Fill the hole,

where once was soul.








1945. Manhattan Project_ Thin Man & Fat Man Casings

Thin Man.

Fat Man.

Dead man.









Dare to dream!

Yes, beautiful moments,

tantalizing hope,

before you get crushed.








Black Square, Grunge Frame

Blank page, joyful thing.

Endless possibilities…

Limited by state.








Reklama (KazanReporter.Ru)

The advertisements provide a valuable service,

reminding me of the life opportunities I’m missing.

So, OK, yes please, sign me up for that extortionate loan today!









The town, the people,

hatred, fear,

intractable dilemmas,


Nothing Helena Morgenstern

in Bikini

couldn’t fix.








Fetal Position 1

Overcome by agony…

I drift into unconsciousness,

it’s a brief respite.

… Fitfully, feverishly I exist …

Alas, when I come to,

the pain is even worse.

(Living tomb)








Prison_ Chain Gang

So, they charged me:

treason against the nation-state.


I didn’t abide by their rules.

I was true to myself.

Maybe one day someone

will compare and contrast

the charges

with treason against myself,

against reason, decency

and humanity.








7.28 g1

It seems everything I prayed about,

wished, hoped and believed


has become inverted,

being flung in my face,