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Erich Honecker

These days, I find much comfort

sitting on my hands,

palms up.


his enigmatic pseudo-smile,

Mona Lisa flip-side.










So goes a man

at ease

with the futility of his existence.








SN Antikythera, SN Eleanor & SN Alexander

Somehow, now,

within me, the stars align,


despite having no desire,

I agree.

Today, as a result, is decided,

but yesterday is still open to question,

depending upon what tomorrow brings

and who “wins”.








Lena, Yakutiya

Oh, the wonderful things I would do,

if I had time,

right mind,

yes, rewind too.








Protest re Demolition 2

(To the detractors and fashionable manipulators of history…)

You disgusting piece of shit!

Tell yourself the lie, if it helps you sleep at night.

Broadcast it in TV programs,

propagate your version of history

into “reality”.

And, furthermore, lie.

While I climb Sverdlovsk TV Tower

and, seeking truth,










In retrospect,

I’m glad I wasn’t born

an Ovechkin.








Stroitelstvo-v-Sulazhgore (Karelia)

Right day, wrong year…

*Fuck, shit, suck!*

Another year older

and wiser…

And how I realize

Winter’s are too short!








2 Stulya (a)

We sit down together,

compare notes,

and disappear.








Drownings at Nantes (Noyades de Nantes) 2 (v2)

To use the immortal words of Yuri Gagarin

(or is it Albert Pierrepoint I’m thinking of?):

“Let’s go!” …

… Progress?

Tomorrow we might know.








Plums, Methley

“Go for the low hanging fruit,” he said.

Uncomprehending, she paused, then smiled:

“Oh, you mean the testicles!”