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Some days

Borscht exists.

And that

is sufficient.





I Want To Believe 2

There is hope,

I hope,

but do I truly believe?

Misery, after all,

pervades my reality.




Àìåðèêàíñêèé äèðèæåð Ë.Ìààçåëü â ÑÑÑÐ


Pensive and introspective,

not a Beluga,

but I too like music classical.




You call me a failure

as I wait passively,


waiting for the “go-getters”

to implode.

The preponderant



nature of society

is a crock

destined to fail.




Sunset Above Clouds


A dream of another reality.


I had hope.




Despair_ Devushka. Alone in Rain. Sea (or Flood)


We’re clutching at straws.

Every day the freaking same!

Hope springs eternal.




Mars Night Sky


Like an insect,

or rodent,

I’m happy to see you are gone.

So, I can forget, move on.




Self defense futile,

mutually assured decay,

cease, desist, delay…




Preacher’s preaching, TV.

You don’t understand the message

but you know it’s important,

the organ’s playing, emotive.

You put your hands on the TV screen

and believe.




Золотая пыль (Gold Dust)


At any given time,

I will carry 25 Kopeks

as, I know,

regardless of when and where,

it will be enough

to take me home.